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Greg Stidham<br>My life as a photographer began unexpectedly in 1982, when I was offered a temporary summer job in the lab of my hometown newspaper, the Daily Ledger, in Antioch, California. I had been interested in photography since my early teens, so the opportunity to work at the newspaper was a dream come true. Well, I turned that summer job into a sixteen year career documenting the everyday life in and around the communities of Antioch, Pittsburg, and the Sacramento / San Joaquin river delta.<br>As I progressed in photography, I discovered what a powerful communication medium it is in addition to an artistic tool. I believe it is part of our human nature to respond to light both on a conscious and sub-conscious level. Photography allows me to capture delicate nuances woven in light as they appear around me.<br>In 1998, I left my position at the  newspaper to pursue additional opportunities in photojournalism, as well as commercial and fine art photography, thus contributing towards our understanding of one another, along with an appreciation, if not wonderment, of our surroundings. <br><br>Victoria Sheridan<br>Posted to the wall above my desk is a quote that I frequently study, it reads, 'Your career as a photographer is a marathon.  It is not a sprint.' I've since forgotten where I found this clipping, or whose words they are, but I feel they eloquently describe my journey as a photographer.  In this marathon I started out fresh and high spirited, at times felt winded and exhausted, and yet I was willing to continue.  This journey of photography continues at many different paces with various levels of achievement and failure.<br>I've always been interested in the human condition and endeavor to portray this in my photography.  My recent documentary The Face of Labor: Portraits of Working People allowed me to explore this interest in humanity.  Combining simple portraits with each persons words, I attempted to provide a picture of who we are, why we live the way we do, and the choices we make.<br>As I continue along this journey, both of life and photography, the pains of past failures and hopes of success will be my marathon companions.


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